Special Features

Special Features at Nyunge Forest National Park:

  • Birds: Whether you are an ardent bird watcher or an amateur, Nyungwe National Park offers enthusiasts a fantastic variety of species including the great blue turaco, the paradise monarch and the bizarre appearance of the gigantic forest hornbills. The priority of serious enthusiast will depend to a certain degree on their experiences elsewhere in Africa.  For instance at least half of the species will be new to visitors from southern Africa, whereas the 24 species endemic to the Albertine Rift will be the most appealing for those who have already experienced east Africa
  • Walks and Excursions: Nyungwe forest boasts a good selection of walking possibilities and other excursions throughout the park and visitors with their own private vehicle and sufficient interest could easily keep themselves occupied for up to four days without even retracing their steps. The options for those without private transport are more limited and dependent on where they base themselves within Nyungwe National Park.  Be warned however that many forest walks are steep and often slippery so caution should be exercised and suitable footwear should be worn.