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Ruhengeri is at the base of the Virunga Mountains and Kinigi is where our lodge named, Mountain Gorillas Nest, is situated.
Mountain Gorillas Nest Lodge is located 2 km west of the Kinigi Park Headquarters.
The lodge is in a lovely rural setting and ideally situated to the park headquarters for each mornings registration process. There is no electricity in Kinigi, so the lodge operates a generator.
Each public room overlooks green lawns and a semicircle of 20 double rooms & 2 suites. The rooms all look outwards into the Eucalyptus forest, pyrethrum farms and shambas (farms) beyond.
The Lodge is well constructed, but utilitarian: with grass thatched roofs in traditional Rwandese style - not the "rustic luxury safari" style of East and Southern Africa.
Nearby is a traditional Rwandese homestead for visitors to visit in their leisure time or after Gorilla trekking.

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