Kinigi Guesthouse

The Association of Solidarity between Rwandan Women, ASOFERWA, is a non-governmental organization created in August 1994 after the Rwandan Genocide, which brought the country into an unprecedented situation and destroyed the social fabric.

In order to encourage the socioeconomic rehabilitation and promote the National Reconciliation, ASOFERWA ’s numerous programs have seen the light to essentially benefit women and children in difficult situation. For the sake of its sufficiency, ASOFERWA bought the Kinigi Guest House through Privatization and it was renewed.

The Guest House locally known as “Village Touristique de Kinigi” is situated in Eastern North of Rwanda, in Kinigi district, only 11 Km from Ruhengeri City.
It is the comfy gateway to the majestic beauty of the volcanic mountain range, the natural habitat of the rare mountain gorillas.  It is constructed at the bottom of Sabyinyo volcanic mountain with an altitude of 4,480 m.

The Guest House accommodates over 40 people and all rooms have electricity and warm water. For more discerning guests, there are four (4) VIP suites and an ideal hall with 400-seat capacity, for conferences, seminars, weddings and other social functions.

Whoever wants to see wonderful gardens and enchanted areas, can always visit Kinigi Guest House.

You are all welcome at Kinigi Guest house.

Impressions of Kinigi Guesthouse: