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Let us introduce you to the neighbors of the Mountain Gorillas!


There are three affordable, pleasant accommodations to choose from, when you want to stay in the volcanoes area, we ordered them for you in value for money order:


Rwanda RedRocks Hostel 2016

Rwanda RedRocks Campsite 2016

Red Rocks Hostel in Rwanda is many thing in one awesome location!
We are located in a magnificent valley surrounded by beautiful picturesque rolling Rwandan hills with the full view of Virunga Volcanoes.  
We offer a modest and complete guesthouse, along with a camp ground (we have tents available to rent) for those interested in staying with us.

We offer Mountain Gorilla trekiking in Rwanda, Uganda and DR Congo for excellent prices.

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We are looking for VOLUNTEERS!
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Red Rocks hostel would like tourists, backpackers, business travelers, expatriates, Rwandan locals, other communities and NGO's to enjoy their stay with us while also help training young Rwandans in new skills to sustainability prepare for an enjoyable future. 

If you are visiting Musanze to partake in Gorilla Trekking, take an extra day or two to visit with locals and experience authentic Rwandan culture up close! Not only will you enrich your travels, you will help make a real difference in your hosts' lives…something that is unexplainably gratifying. This website show cases some some of our activities but there is alway more to do. We hope you visit us while in Rwanda. 

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Amahoro Guesthouse

RedRocks Musanze Guest House is a great little guest house located just two blocks off the main road in downtown Musanze. Great for a solo traveler, couple or small group. The owner also owns Amahoro Tours and can help organize any of your travel needs.

Our team can confirm your stay at the guest house and accept payment in either cash or credit card when you arrive. 

The word Amahoro means “peace” in Kinyarwanda.
We chose it as our company name because we share the desire to contribute to a long-term peaceful environment in Rwanda.
In our view the local people at any tourist destination should be equal partners in the development of tourist activities. That way, it can be guaranteed that not only will the visitors have a more intimate and intense experience, but the trip will be mutually beneficial to both hosts and guests.
When you choose to use our local guides, you can be assured that your African experience will be as personal as possible.
You will be able to develop your own image about the real Rwanda: learning a lot about the culture and way of life (and probably about yourself as well). Thus contributing to the meaningful and sustainable development of the Rwandan people.

The RedRocks Musanze Guesthouse was founded by Gregory Bakunzi  Managing Director of Amahoro Tours, RedRocks Rwanda Intercultural Exchange Centre & RedRocks Musanze Guesthouse.

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Kinigi Guesthouse Rwanda

The Guest House locally known as “Village Touristique de Kinigi” is situated in Eastern North of Rwanda, in Kinigi district, only 11 Km from Ruhengeri City.
It is the comfy gateway to the majestic beauty of the volcanic mountain range, the natural habitat of the rare mountain gorillas.  It is constructed at the bottom of Sabyinyo volcanic mountain with an altitude of 4,480 m.

The Guest House accommodates over 40 people and all rooms have electricity and warm water. For more discerning guests, there are four (4) VIP suites and an ideal hall with 400-seat capacity, for conferences, seminars, weddings and other social functions.

Whoever wants to see wonderful gardens and enchanted areas, can always visit Kinigi Guest House.

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