We hope to create an environment where we can bring tourists and local tour operators together in a way that both parties can enjoy the benefit of it.
We decided to use web sites to promote this beautiful country!
This way we try to stimulate the interest for Rwanda as a holiday destination for travelers who want to see and enjoy the real Africa, maybe as an extension of their stay in another African country or just as their main trip to Africa.
Let us be honest!
There are not many guides who know Rwanda better than the Rwandese people themselves?
If we got your attention for Rwanda after visiting our web sites, and you consider or want to plan a visit, please let us help you to answer possible questions and listen to your wishes.
We will respond as quickly as possible and if necessary we can provide a contact by one of Rwanda’s excellent tour operators.
Together with them you can plan the holiday of a life time!
Rwanda is one of Africa’s safest and cleanest countries. Traveling is affordable and the natural beauty of this Land Of Thousand Hills will put a spell on you. Be careful not to get addicted to this country and its population like we did.
Rwanda is a country that is made for Responsible Traveling.