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Important information on: HOTEL RESERVATIONS

Dear tourist,
The Rwanda web sites you visited are created and maintained by Rwanda Direct, in order to promote tourism in Rwanda and give you a visual idea of what you can expect when you go there.
These web sites are not linked up with the lodges or destinations itself.
This implicates that we only can do your hotel bookings in combination with other services, like safaris and other tours!
The local tour operators know Rwanda as no other and they can show you there country in all its beauty
And you will not regret it when you use there expertise!

Rwanda Direct main goal is to bring the tourist and the local tour operators together, in a way that it can be useful for both parties!

The tour samples we show you, are just to give you an idea. We can create your own tailor made safari when you tell us what you want.

Please take a look here for some:
 tour samples. short tours, other tours.


Kind regards,
Ρουάντα Direct