Gorilla family in Rwanda卢旺达直接 卢旺达是一个在线旅游指南. We provide information about the tourist attractions in and interesting information about Rwanda. You will find information about the mountain gorillas, 基伍湖, 纽恩威森林, Akagera公园, 的Intore舞者, 观鸟, 高尔夫球场的(Ş) 与经济型酒店, 旅馆和其他住宿.

卢旺达直接 is an initiative from Mountain Gorilla Safaris (MGS).  MGS combines people who are interested to visit East Africa, with a select group of local tour operators in Rwanda and the other East African countries, in order to promote their countries and their possibilities.

卢旺达的字面意思是“绿色” 与数组的产品还没有被利用,并暴露在世界旅游业的潜力.
壮观的风景, 雄伟的火山, 马赛克茶园, 许多风景如画的湖泊, 蜿蜒的河流, 这个小而多样化的国家可以提供给游客和国民都神秘而壮观的森林小部分景点.

目前国家提倡旅游业作为减贫的主要来源, 和平与和解,并以社区为基础的活动, 这个重点把主动和被动的成员,在这个未开发的资源发挥了重要作用,在卢旺达和邻近地区.

We offer possebilities to visit Rwanda as wel for backpackers as well as for the tourist who are looking for the high end accommodations and services. And between those two extremes there is an enormous variety of possebilities.

But for now we like you just to read about this unique and beautiful country and after that ………………….